detektor x ray zdjecie produktow

Model / capacity
  • Detector X-RAYDetector X-RAY

DRX - L2 / 300 - 40.000 pph


The device is designed for scanning all kinds of food products using an X-ray. The machine is mainly dedicated to the food industry.

  • DRX structure is made of stainless steel and materials selected to work and to meet the obligatory hygiene standards in the food industry. There are two radiation sources and two linear cameras applied in the basic model of double-flux DRX detector. Number of fluxes for scanning products and their positioning relative to each other and to the package correspond mainly to the technological requirements of product and its package and to the preferences of the recipient.
  • DRX detectors are fully safe for the environment, they have the appropriate certificates and can be successfully applied in the "wet" production halls, in packing rooms etc. The system detects the presence of metal, glass, rocks and other foreign objects in some situations. It can also be used to detect defects in the package, to determine the filling level of the package with product, the presence of the cap or to other tasks.
  • Features and usage possiblities:

- detection of impurities (metal, glass, rocks, bone,

  plastic, etc.),

- filling level monitoring,

- monitoring of the fat content of the meat,

- detection of damaged packages,

- monitoring of the closing of packages,

- production statistics, data archiving.



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