Model / capacity

SK-24 / MAX - 24 cycles/min


Tray former is used for an automatic forming
of cardboard trays designed for a group
packaging of food products.

Operation of the device:
The machine takes a flat cardboard template from
the feeding section and shapes a tray by folding the
outer sides and gluing the corners together.
In the next step, the device shapes the inner part of
the tray by forming the sockets intended for the single


capacity MAX - 24 cycles/min
material Corrugated board up to 1,6 mm
type of corrugation A,C,E
template dimenssions L – 210 - 650 mm, W- 260 - 800 mm
gluing method hot-melt
demand for compressed air 19m3/h
nominal pressure of compressed air 0,6-0,8 Mpa
electricity demand ~ 9,5 kW
power supply 3x400 VAC
voltage 24 VDC
weight 1100 kg
basic material AISI 304
recommended current protection C 32



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