Rotary machines - loose products packing

Rotary packing machines designed for filling loose products such as:
• Instant soups with/without noodles
• Instant noodles or other instant meals
into the plastic cups and close them with a thermo-sealing lids.

  • PAC 2.5 SWPAC 2.5 SW
  • PAC 5.0 SWPAC 5.0 SW

PAC 2.5-SW  - 2400 pcs/h

PAC 5.0-SW  - 4800 pcs/h


Lines for packing loose products are based on 1- or 2-row rotary packing machines in which the product is dosed using the weight or screw dispensers.
Product is filled into the ready plastic cups and then closed firstly with a thermo-sealing lid and then with an additional „click"- plastic cover.

Examples of loose products to be packed:
• noodles
• spices
• instant products
• powder
• dragees
• flakes/muesli
• chocolate crumble

Depending on the number of dispensers the configuration of the line can be as follows:
• Rotary packing machine as a separate device with max. one weight or screw dispensers
• Rotary packing machine with an additional conveyor on which any number of dispensers
(weight or screw) can be installed
The design of each line was specifically lowered due to the height limitation of the conveyors feeding the product to the dispensers.

Around the rotary table, equipped with a cartridge with nests, there are placed individual working sections such as:

• Cup feeding station
• Additional timing conveyor for cup feeding
• Weight/screw dispenser for loose products
• Conveyor feeding the product to the product tank
• Lid feeding station
• Cup and lid thermo-sealing station
• System of transferring ready product to the collecting conveyor
• Collecting conveyor

The device is equipped with PLC control panel which controls the fully automatic packaging process.
Touch control panel ensures an easy operation through the use of grafic icons.

Production process

PAC 5.0-SW - standard / with worm dispenser

PAC 5.0-SW- with additional timing conveyor

1. Rotary table with the sockets matching the packagings
2. Timing step-conveyor
3. Cup feeding station
4. Weighing / screw dispensers, micro-weighs
5. Section of placing the lid on the filled cup
6. Heat sealer for sealing the lids
7. System of transmitting the ready cups onto the collecting conveyor
8. Collecting conveyor
9. Control panel
10. System for transmitting the cups from the timing conveyor onto the rotary table.



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