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 ICE LINE Automatic lines for ice cream production

  • extrusion- hardening

The main task of the extrusion line is portioning, shaping, and instant freezing of ice mixture and packaging of frozen ice.

Technologies used in the construction of a new spiral conveyor and in a quenching chamber provide lower operating costs by applying the latest advances in the field of refrigeration and mechanics.

The basic elements of the extrusion line:

  • Quench chamber - the temperature inside the chamber - 39 ° C to -41 ° C
    • The panel structure - covering material of panel boards made of  AISI 304
    • Cooling set - screw compressor, evaporator
  • Chain - tray spiral conveyor:
    • Modern design of two columns of bent profiles
    • Pneumatic chain tension system
  • Working table for fixing the forming and dosing stations:
    • Modern design, providing easy access to the individual stations
    • Streamlined, contoured design provide a higher standard of washing hygiene
    • Expandable (extended to 8 m) by using a modular design
    • Maximum number of stations: 10
  • Pincer conveyor for ice after quenching:
    • The spatial structure of the main frame
    • Simple exchange for ice cream holding endings
    • Glazing of ice cream with icing - constant temperature of icing
  • Horizontal packing machine Flow Pac
    • Standard - bottom longitudinal foil weld
    • Super - top longitudinal foil weld

Production process

  •  The production process begins with the preparation of ice-cream mixture.

    Ice-cream mixture is a blend of several ingredients prepared for pasteurization process.

  •  The process of pasteurization and homogenization of the mixture in continuous work of the machine

Ready ice-cream mixture is transmitted by special pumps for a thermal treatment process to kill bacteria at the temperature of up to 90 ° C, and subsequently it undergoes the process of homogenization under pressure of up to 200 bar.The next step is to cool the mixture to 4 °C and pump it to the tanks where it is being frozen within the continuous movement.

  •  Storage tanks for ice-cream mixture

The standard line of capacity up to 7,000 pph requires three tanks, each of 2000 liters.

  •  Automatic washing CIP system

After the production process the system of pipes, pumps and sections of mixing, pasteurization, homogenization, along with the tanks have to be cleaned with help of an automatic CIP station.
CIP station introduces cleaning agents under high pressure into the system and controls the cleaning efficiency by a set of special conductometeres.
After the process the system is fully cleaned and does not require manual washing.

  •  Continuous freezers for freezing and aeration of ice-cream mixture

    In this process, the mixture is changed into a kind of a frozen cream in which the content of air during the freezing process increases up to 110%. It means that 50 ml of ice-mixture taken from the tanks, increases its volume up to 105 ml after the freezing process.

For two-color ice-cream production 2 freezers are required.

  •  Extrusion line for continuous forming of ice cream

     The main task of the extrusion line is to dose a required amount of ice-mass,, to form a shape of ice cream, freeze instantly at - 40 ° C, glaze with chocolate and finally wrap the ice-cream with a thermo-sealing foil.

The line allows to produce ice cream of various shapes, colors and volumes.



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