Model / Capacity/ Options
  • Linear Filling Machine TL1Linear Filling Machine TL1
  • Filling TL1Filling TL1
  • Linear Filling Machine 3GLinear Filling Machine 3G


Type of product:

Type of packagings:

Filling machine TL-1 - 6 000 pph

Coarsely shredded meat stuffing
(pieces of meat 40-60 mm)
Lard, stew, fish salads (paprikash)

Filling machine  1 G - 2200 pph
Filling machine   2 G - 4000 pph
Filling machine  3 G - 6000 pph

Finely shredded meat stuffing,
Pate, pastes, caviar mayonnaise,
sauces, stew, soups
-plastic cup
-aluminum cup


TL-1 filling machine is primarily intended to a cold-filling of a coarsely shredded meat and fish products, into jars or metal cans dedicated to be sterilized.
The basis of a design is a mechanical drive of all components cooperating against each other.
The standard machine includes:
• Conveyor leading the packagings in a single row into the screw which provides an equal spacing between them
• Body of a doser with a horizontally directed cylinder
• Automatic dose adjustment of the product 50-1000 ml
• Mechanical system of the cup lifting during the filling process
• Rotary head cutting off the product flow after the finished filling cycle
• System „no cup –no filling", without stopping the conveyors
• Product reservoir (funnel) volume 260 l, with mixers
• Chain conveyor collecting the filled cups from the filling head
• System of safety guards protecting the access of the filling zone



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